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First thoughts about this first day in New York:
  • It’s very hot.
  • My (black) taxi driver kept laughing and talking with such an accent that Dr. Dre seemed to be Oxford-English.
  • The city is big. Too big. I discovered it today trying to walk between two points that on the map were 1cm apart.
  • I did not see many oversized people. Which is good.
  • These people have a really bad taste for cars. I did not have the same impression in California, probably because half of the cars were Hummers, which is good. Here instead 90% of the cars are long-booted, long-bonneted Lincoln, which is not good.
  • I ordered a small starter and a small salad, but I forgot about the American food portions. The small salad alone was more than enough for 2 people.
  • Buffalo wings are very *very* spicy. I don’t think I had some, when I was in USA before. And I don’t think I’ll have anymore. Unless cooked by an Indian, such that they will be milder.

Unfortunately I am in a public PC, so no photos for the time being!


Posted July 19, 2010 by mtcerio in Travel