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Today Windows Vista, the new operating system from Microsoft, is available on the shelves of thousands of shops all over the world, and is pre-installed on most of the pc being sold.
Vista has been available for download as a trial version for some time, so many people, including myself, have already tried it. I don’t know about the level of security and the improvements in the performances. It’s too early to give an opinion about that. But for sure the graphical interface, the usability, the multimedia capabilities are impressive.
I read a very good article about the future of Linux for the home desktop. In a few words, the author says that Vista is a great step ahead. It does not matter if the core of the system is the same, what appears to the end-user is that Vista is miles away from the old-fashioned XP.
Mac OS X is also having big improvements, and a new version, codename Leopard, is coming out shortly.
Instead, the 2 main desktop environments of Linux, KDE and Gnome, had the latest major improvements in 2002. Nowadays, they are continuously updated, but there are no great ideas, no big jumps for the future. Furthermore, there is a lack of programmers. Which is also easy to understand, since Linux is free and most of the people working on it does it for fun.
So the feeling is that Linux has missed the boat. I don’t want to get into the annoying discussion about the best operating system; but if Linux is out of the game, there is one player less in the competition, which is definitely a shame.
PS: Office 2007 is available as well, and the new user interface is revolutionary. It’s definitely changing the way of using Word and Excel.

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How to choose Windows Vista   2 comments

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