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A brief history of Skype…   1 comment

…from a Windows user point of view.

We have been waiting for a good Skype app since the the early Windows Phone 7 era. There was a Skype app, which was quite powerful, however it was slow and clunky, and notifications for messages and calls never really worked. At that time, Skype was owned by Skype, so we WP users thought that Skype was not willing to develop a good client for us due to the small WP user base.

Then, WP8 came out, and MS bought Skype and all WP users rejoiced, as MS was going to revamp Skype on its own (new) phone platform. Instead, there were only minor updates for the WP8 version of the app, which kept to be cluncky, slow, and missing notifications. However, MS continued to develop the Skype client for Android and iOS. Also, in the meantime, they stopped upgrading Skype for WP7.5 users, and changed the API, so the Skype app stopped working on WP7.5 completely.

Later, Windows 10 was announced, and its Universal apps, and all WP8 users rejoiced again: finally the great plan was clear: MS had not developed a WP8 Skype client because they were going to develop it directly for W10. In the meantime, MS discontinued and pull the touch-friendly Skype app they had developed for Windows 8: it was not a great app, but it was working just fine, and most importantly, all the tablet users were left with no other choice than the desktop app. Not that it was bad, it but it was not touch friendly at all.

When W10 finally came out for pc, despite the promises of the new Universal Skype app, there was still the old desktop client only. In addition to being touch unfriendly and incompatible with the new notification system of W10, the desktop Skype became all pixellated due to the different DPI scaling system of W10, giving even the old-school mouse+keyboard users something to complain about, finally.

Now W10 TH2 and W10M have arrived, together with the long-awaited integrated Skype app: and this is what we get:


Text and emoticons only. No images, no videos, no location sharing, no voice messages, no file sharing. Microsoft, you have been trying very hard to push even the most faithful of the fanboys away.


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