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Dear Cineworld customer service staff,

On Monday 5th October 2015, at 19:45, I visited Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street to watch “The Martian” in 3D.

After that visit, I was asked for feedback through your internet form, and I left it. I also left my email address in the “comments” field, and invited you to reply. Having received nothing so far, I brought it to twitter, where I was immediately told that you cannot reply to that feedback (for what reason?), and because my experience was terrible, I try again here. Let’s see.

On that evening, my movie experience was completely ruined by a continuous crackling, crunching and snoring of people sitting near me. It was a continuous eating pop corn, candies, and chips for the ENTIRE duration of the movie, LOUDLY. It was not just the crunching and chewing, either: the paper packaging of the popcorn and chips did the rest. Everything was alternating with some chatting. Then, one of them fell asleep and started to snore for about 20 minutes.

Needless to say that this ruined the entire movie experience for me.

I know, some people are rude. The solution would be straightforward to me: having one member of staff in the room, making sure that this does not happen. Also, selling foods in appropriate packaging, instead of crackling paper bags, would help.

Now I know what you might reply: you cannot be the police. Or, I could have told them to be quiet (did I not? And do you think it helped, or made things worse?). But this shall not be my problem, it should be yours. I pay for the ticket and I want to enjoy the movie, in a reasonably quiet room of yours. If you REALLY want to the be place for movie lovers (as you claim), you have to sort this out. If you want to be the place where casual people meet to eat snacks, chat and sleep, disturbing a constantly-decreasing number of movie lovers, keep doing what you do. I have been coming to Cineworld in the last few years and the issue has gotten worse and worse, until it has become unacceptable for me anymore.

Movies are coming out in Blu-ray and for streaming shortly after the cinema, and I have a large 3D TV in my (quiet) living room. If things don’t change, I will hardly watch a movie there again.

Unless it’s for some pop-corns, a sparkling coke and a chat with friends. At £12.40 a seat (not even including food and drinks) it ain’t cheap, but who knows, some time soon you might even turn off that annoying movie in the background.

Kind regards



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