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Main Control RoomThe Main Control Room (MCR) is the room where the Mission Control Team controls satellites in the most crucial moment of the mission: when it is being injected into orbit by the launcher. NASA’s one in Houston is very famous, and celebrated in several movies. ESA has one too, and it’s here at ESOC, in Darmstadt, Germany. I have been there, together with other students, during a workshop for ESMO. ESMO is a satellite which is being designed completely by students, and shall be launched hopefully in 2012.

We also had the opportunity to follow a real simulation of the launch of GOCE, done by professionals, for training for the actual launch, which will happen in about 2 months. It was quite exciting since the (simulated satellite) suffered of several anomalies, made on purpose to train the control team, but without those people being aware of them.

Hodei, Matt, Marco, Youssef, Matteo, David and 2 staff members at ESA in the Main Control RoomIn addition, they let us try to control a simulated satellite, using the same computers and software and procedures. All this was quite exciting, a unique opportunity!



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