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The posters were already there.

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First days in Darmstadt and at ESA/ESOC   1 comment


My second day of work is coming to an end, here is a brief summary of the situation so far.

First of all, I managed to find a flat to stay; it was really good luck. I think I sent 50 emails before coming here, answering ads on the internet for people offering a room to let. Many said that 3 months was too little time: they were looking for at least one year. 5 people were ok for a 3 month contract, so I visited their flats on Sunday. One day walking from one part to the other of the city, with no luck: all the rooms were completely unfurnished: no bed, no wardrobe, nothing. Just an empty room. On Monday I was about to sign a contract with the university accommodation for a flat (pretty dirty and ugly, I must say) with other 3 in a big building, when a guy called me back saying he was willing to buy me a bed and give me some furniture, so I accepted the offer. The flat is very very nice, I’m still waiting for my bed (sleeping on a sofa-bed for the time being) and it’s only 10 minutes walking from the city centre. The public transport, anyway, is very efficient and easy to use here. The other guy is a German PhD student in mechanical engineering.

IMG_2213The town is nice: the weekend I arrived there was the "schloss graben fest": it happens once per year, and a big part of the city centre was pedestrian and full of tents and stands selling massive wurstels, lots of beer and some brezels, just for the tradition. In addition, on 5 stages many groups (among which Liquido and The Hooters) played during the whole weekend. So many people around!

On Monday morning it was my first day of work. I was very surprised when I took the lift to the forth floor, and as the door opened, the office in front had already my name on the door. I’m sharing it with a Belgian undergrad who started the very same day but he will be here for 5 months.

IMG_2168So I have an office (well, 50% of it), a computer, a telephone, and I will probably have an email too. In addition, wearing the badge all times to open secured doors makes me feel very important!

Here are some pictures of Darmstadt. And this is it for the moment! Three months to go! Bye bye!



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Deutschland, here I come!   1 comment

Darmstadt is the city, half an hour south of Frankfurt. Not yet settled down, but a lot of fun already! There was the town festival this night (once per year… just when I arrive: makes sense) and the whole city centre was packed of people walking (well, it was difficult to walk in fact), and 5 or 6 stages with live music (different genres: the gig for tonight was Liquido) and hundreds (no kidding) of kiosks selling wurstels, beer, brezel and other yummy german food! 😛 Nice welcome!

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