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A Clockwork Orange   2 comments

A Clockwork Orange in Glasgow is not the famous Kubric’s movie, or at least, not only that. It’s mainly a classic marathon.


So why Clockwork?

Because you use the Glasgow subway which is circular, to travel around Glasgow, like on a clock.






Then why Orange?

Because this is the colour of the Glasgow subway.





A Clockwork Orange2

But why Clockwork Orange???

Becasue, as in the movie, it’s a massacre.

Also known as a subway pub crawling, you have to drink at each stop. Get off the tube, look for the first pub and drink. Then back to the tube again heading for the next stop and drink. And remember, it’s competitive drinking!

1 pint = 1 point
0.5 pints = 0.5 points
1 shot = 0.5 points


So yesterday was the marathon day. Appointment at 12:00 noon in Hillhead, lunch and start. Finished at 12:00 midnight in the same place, for the last drink.

Just to have an idea, I scored 8.5 points (= 8.5 pints = about 4.5 litres). The winner, a Dutch guy called Chris, scored 18.5. Ouch!

Pictures here!



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Snow in Glasgow   Leave a comment

Glasgow this morning, on my way to the University…

IMG_1100IMG_1104 IMG_1109IMG_1119


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