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Trampoline Scottish Open 2008 – Edinburgh   Leave a comment

It’s a 2-day competition involving all the trampoline clubs of the United Kingdom, and this year it was in Edinburgh, and it was great! Tons of people to friendly compete and socialise.

Elite practicing    GUTC intermediate ladies

We had a full Saturday of competition for the 4 different categories, ending up with the amazing, unbelievable Elite people.

Elite trampoliners competing

Then on Saturday night we went to a Chinese buffet, and then to "The Caves" club in Edinburgh, for the social event with all the clubs. On Sunday morning we had the synchro competition and then the "fun synchro". For our club the theme was: the Simpsons, and here we are:

The GUTC Simpsons!

You can see me as Bart, with yellow-painted face, arms, and wearing yellow tights. Hhhhmmmm!

And this is me trampolining*:

Good fun, really good fun!



* This is not actually me. This is Ben. The only reason for which I put a video of Ben is that I could not take a video of my self while trampolining. My routine is not that different, anyway. Or sort of.


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Go-Kart GP   Leave a comment

Great fun! 3 sessions:

– Qualifying
– Race 1
– Race 2


These where the drivers… …And this was the podium 🙂
Pilots ready to race! The podium: Daniel (3rd), Nico (2nd) and Matteo (winner!)


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Shinty   1 comment

According to Wikipedia:

Shinty (Scottish Gaelic camanachd or iomain) is a team sport played with sticks and a ball. Shinty is now played almost exclusively in the Highlands of Scotland, and amongst Highland migrants to the big cities, but it was formerly more widespread, reaching as far as England. The sport was derived from the same root as the Irish game of hurling, and is similar to bandy. The objective of the game is to play a small ball into a goal, or "hail", erected at the ends of a 120 to 160-yard-long pitch. The ball is played using the caman, a stick of about 3 1/2 ft in length.

DC in action

And here is David "DC" Moore and his team playing it. Have a look to the photo album!


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