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Tonight I was invited for dinner by Tao. She is a chinese girl studying in the department with me. She wanted to let me try some "true" chinese food, as different from that you can get in any chinese restaurant in Europe. She kindly cooked a very nice dinner indeed, together with her 2 flatmates and a friend. When I arrived (late), there where many dishes on the table, from which you have to eat like a buffet. They also wanted me to use fork and spoon, but I insisted to (succesfully) use chopsticks.

I must say that the food was very good: it was far simpler that what you have at restaurants, and almost everything – including the spaghetti cooked in a chinese way – had a fairly sweet and delicate taste.

On the table you can see: Fried eggs with tomatoes, Potatoes, Spaghetti, Chicken wings with peppers, Pork, Broccoli and a portion of rice each.


Thanks Tao and friends!



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  1. An Italian guy who lives in Scotland and eats Chinese food… So international! So if this is real Chinese food, what do Chinese restaurants in Europe cook for us? Oh my God…

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