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…at work!


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Maranello and Borgo Panigale   1 comment

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Maranello and Borgo Panigale are two small towns near Bologna, north of Italy.
In Maranello and Borgo Panigale, there are two small factories.
Two small groups of people work there.
They produce pieces of art.
Both like engines. Both like to go fast. Both like red.
One prefers 4 wheels, the other just 2.

Both are World Champions.

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The tour ends in Delhi, where we are spending the last 2 days of our trip around India.

IMG_0416Delhi is a very big city, there are more than 10 million inhabitants. New Delhi, the capital of India, is the modern area of the city: mainly built by the British, it’s the political and economical centre of India, and it hosts the government and the army headquarters. In this area, you can definitely see the British footstamp: the roads are wider and cleaner, the traffic is less messy, and cars use turning indicators and follow traffic lights. Even our driver changed his way of driving, adapting it to the "new" rules of New Delhi. You can also find western-style shops, and western famous brands, too. Our hotel is not far from Connaught place: it’s a big round square with a nice park in the middle, surrounded by high buildings with shops and restaurants. We also found Pizza Hut and McDonalds here! Walking around in this square, you can definitely IMG_0401distinguish two different social classes of people: one can afford those shops, the other cannot, and is in this place just looking for someone richer to ask money to. Even here walking around is tiring: you are surrounded by people and rickshaws looking for you all the time. They want to sell you something, of bring you somewhere to sell you something. Once we stupidly followed a young "English language student", and ended up in a sort of shop centre, from which it was difficult to leave, as all the sellers were so persisting. And once out, it was also difficult to find a honest rickshaw to come back to our place, as everybody was probabily aware of our situation, and wanted us to buy something there.



Old Delhi, instead, is more similar to what we were expecting: lots of people and cars, bazaars and so on. In this part, there is most of the old monuments. All the cities I visited have a fort: such has Old Delhi, and it’s huge. There is a little city inside, with shops, and many many indian visitors. We also visited the biggest mosque in India (take off your shoes first).

During the last day in India I am not feeling very well, but it’s the last day… lucky it did not happen before! KLM flight is waiting at Delhi airport! Bye bye India! See you later (maybe).





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