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Today the day is divided in three parts: in the early morning, visit to the fort of Jaipur, with the elephant (fits all 4 of us) and camel ride (fits just one, Jessica). After that, visit to the ancient astronomic observatory. It is well known that those people were very good in astronomy. Indeed we see pretty interesting instruments to study the motion of the sun and the stars.

IMG_0270 IMG_0278
Matteo, Camilla, Jessica and Josh
at the Jaipur fort
A palace in the fort

Then, our driver drives us to Agra. It’s only 230 km, but due to the conditions and traffic of the indian roads, it takes 6 hours. It’s not like driving in Hyderabad, but still it’s a mess. There are always big trucks, people and motorbikes crossing and zigzagging on the road. Quite often there are vehicles on the wrong way, and overtaking is always allowed, does not matter how if/how may cars are coming in the opposite direction.

The Taj Mahal is really impressive. It’s a white marble tomb, inlaid with semi-precious stone, that the emperor made to bury his most loved wife. The beautiful gardens around enhance its beauty. There is not much to say, just stunning to see.

IMG_0348 IMG_0357

Dinner and again go to bed early, as another busy day is coming.



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