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Today starts the 3-day tour of the "Golden Triangle": Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. We have to flight to Jaipur, connection in Mumbay. Wake up very early, at 5, to catch a plane at 8:25. The journey starts badly, as the flight has been delayed 2 hours or so. I could have slept more.

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Having seen the general condition of India, one expects the worst from a private, internal airline. Kingfisher is the same brand of the most famous beer in India, and its airline was a great surprise. I would never have said that the first time I found an LCD screen with TV for each seat was on an Indian airline. Furthermore, we had a nice bag some gadgets inside, like a pen, a headset, and the menu of the day (2 possible choices), bottled water and juice. As we had a connection, we had 2 meals, also. And the on-board crew was very friendly, and even before checking in, they helped us carrying the suitcases. I was amazed, this airline is miles ahead many big european airlines, and considering it’s in India, that’s incredible!

IMG_0258Arrive in Jaipur that is very late, run at the hotel (we have a 7 seat car with driver), pick up our guide for Jaipur and visit of the palace of the Maharaja, in a rush. In Jaipur, it’s sunny and hot, very hot. It’s not humid and cloudy like it was in Hyderabad. This because the monsoon season finishes earlier here in the north. During the first transfer by car, we finally meet properly our tour-mates: we were put together by the agency, as they wanted to do IMG_0245the same tour as us. We exchanged a few emails to agree on the tour, and knew they were a man and a woman. We had already met Joshua, a PhD student in Maryland, on the flight to Hyderabad. We were very pleased to see that Jessica is also a PhD student, at MIT, Boston. A tour of Ph.D.s, then!

After dinner, straight to sleep at the hotel in Jaipur, as tomorrow will be very busy with more sightseeing fo Jaipur and then travel to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. It’s a pity, as our hotel has all the facilities,  including a swimming pool.



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