I’m on holiday in India!   1 comment

I gave my 2 talks at the congress, now I’m on holiday!

Night out for dinner. It’s 5 of us, 2 rick-shaws: the drivers are completely crazy, and you’d better bargain on the cost of the travel before. Nice dinner, finally we found a cook able to cook something not so spicy, so I quite appreciated the food. It’s night, but because of the ramadan (for muslims) and Ganesha (for Hindi) the shops are open till late, and there are so many people around. Everybody wants to talk to us, or asks for a picture, or to shake the hand. Claudio even managed t borrow a old Bajaj (the indian Vespa) and have a ride on the road. Dario and Leo, don’t worry: he’s still alive. At a point, 2 children start to follow us, asking for money. The photos make them happy, but still they need food. After a walk, shopping session for the girls. The clothes shop is really huge, and you can find so many different colors and decorations on the dresses. Out of the shop several rick-shaws are there, ready to fight to drive us safely home. Hopefully.

After a while, you start to get used to be like a V.I.P. as soon as you walk on the streets, and so you begin not to care much, to be more relaxed and appreciate more all the diversities of this country.

IMG_0139 IMG_0137

Gerardine and Julia

Claudio and his Bajaj



Hindi Camilla

Yes, you can have a picture!

Forgot to say, we met Julia gain, I was so pleased! Julia is the first person we met when we arrived in Valencia last year, and we had a good fun during the week of the IAC 2006.



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  1. So things are getting better.. We all are glad. You will explain to us how it feels to be treated like VIPs. So have a nice holiday!
    Did you know that India was part of Pakistan until 1947?
    Claudio looks incredibly like Samuele Bersani…

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