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IMG_0022Wake up at 8:30, for breakfast. Now the noise ouside is even worse: now it’s a continuous sound of car and motorbike horns. I move the curtains, and the view from my room is not the best ever: it’s on the backyard of another hotel, and I can see some people living and working in a very poor area. Some of them are walking without shoes, in the mud. There is also a very high building, which in my opinion is about to fall, and looks being without windows and doors. But after a while, I see people living in there. This view really hurts me, and probabily it won’t be the last time.

Shower with a smelly water and then breakfast: I don’t know what to eat and drink, being afraid of the water here. They have sweet and spicy stuff I have never seen before, although there is something which looks like a muffin (but it’s not), something like a brioche (but it’s not), something cooked like a crepe (but it’s not) with a choice of sauces, and some (I believe) spicy soups. I go for the sweet thing and some pineapple. Slices of fruit should be ok to eat.

IMG_0026 We decide to go for a quick walk in town. In theory, our hotel is supposed to be in te "centre" of the city. The problem is that the centre is something like 10×10 km. From the map, I discovered there is a big lake in the middle of the city, we try to head that way. It’s impossible to use the map, as the roads have no name, and only major roads are represented. But we have directions from the gentleman at the hotel: it’s 1 km away, we feel confident we can do that.

As soon as we see the street, everything looks strange: first of all, an uninterrupted flow of any kind of vehicle, a loud noise of the engines, but most of all of the horns, that they use instead of looking in the rear view mirrors (which they don’t have). There is no safe place to walk: vehicles can go everywhere. Then the people around: all the indians are looking at us, all the time. We are very embarassed, and scared also: it feels like they want something from you. Sometimes you also feel surrounded by people you don’t know, and staring at you.

IMG_0051There are also a lot of people selling things on the street: mostly fruit, but also vegetables, fried things,  leaves to chew, and other stuff. The roads are very messy and dusty, and since it’s raining every day (it’s the end of the monsoon season) there is a lot of mud around. After a little walk we come back to the hotel, quite hit by what we saw.

In the evening, we decide to go to visit the lake, and by rick-shaw. After having walked on the street, being inside the three-wheeled motorcycle looks safe, especially because of the very low speed it reaches. But it’s not, indeed: I think that we were about to being hit by a couple of cars in our way. At the lake side, there is a sort of religious celebration, in which people deep in the water statues of some gods or goddess. Even if it’s a party, there is a lot of police around, and again the sensation of being IMG_0027 observed and surrounded is very strong. The driver is waiting to drive us back after the walk, in the meantime. And in spite of so many people around, he sees us from far away and shouts to call us. We did not pay the first trip, indeed, as it was a "return ticket". Back at the hotel, and out again for dinner in a indian restaurant. Main course for 2 people for about £1/$2/€1.5. And we asked for something ABSOLUTELY not spicy, which was very spicy indeed.

It’s just the beginning of the 2 weeks here!

More to come soon!



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  1. Welcome to Dhalsim\’s land! Can Indians do what he does? Actually traffic jams are similar to those in New York City. Greetings from Ash "Punjabi" 006

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