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Here we go, after a 9 hour flight, we land in Hyderabad, India.

It’s about 1:30 in the night when we leave the plane, but the custom takes a long time. Our luggages are there, too. There is a stall of the IAC, the congress for which we are here. It looks they are very keen on helping us.IMG_0072
They call a taxi to our hotel for us. A tata-taxi, which means that we are travelling on a proper car, very  old-fashined for our standards. At least, it’s not a rick-shaw: one of those yellow, open, three-wheeled vehicles with a bench in the back passengers. I read on the guide they are not very safe. The temperature is around 24 degrees, but very very humid. On the way to the hotel, it’s night and dark outside, but we can already notice very strange things: there are not many rules while driving. There are not many roads, either: which means that you can drive where your car can go. It’s the middle of the night, and there are some women in the middle of the road, wiping the street. I can barely see them, apparently the taxi driver is aware. I noticed also some people just sitting on the road shoulder. Even if it appeared that the taxi driver was driving far faster than how the western common sense would say, we arrive safe at the hotel.

IMG_0074 The hotel is nice: there is a hall with 4 floors with balcony and a glass lift. The room is not bad either, even if everything looks quite old, especially the toilet. Everything but a brand new 32 inch LCD television hanging on the wall. Fortunately there is the air conditioning. It avoids keeping the windows open during the night, which is essential to escape from malaria mosquitos. I was expecting something better, but nevermind.

It’s already 4 am, and time to go to bed. There is a loud noise from the outside, due to massive air conditioning radiators of the building in front. It’s even hard to fall asleep.



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