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On Saturday, 30th June 2007, a car full of explosive was driven to the main entrance of the Glasgow Airport. The car did not explode, and a man got off the car, in flames. A policeman went there to assist the man, and the man started to attack the policeman.

John Smeaton is a baggage handler at Glasgow airport. At the time of the attack he was out for a fag, when he heard people screaming. So he ran there and, as he saw the scene, he put a couple of boots on the terrorist, to assist the policeman.

John Smeaton is a national hero here in Scotland, now. He’s very famous. He has also got a website, in which you can buy him a pint.

What is not well known, is that 1400 people decided to donate him £3 each. He raised quite a lot of money, and decided to donate half the money in the online appeal to the veteran’s charity Erskine, which cares for former servicemen and women at five homes throughout Scotland. The remainder of the money will be used by John to fund a night out for those who were present at the Glasgow Airport incident.

You can find more clips with John here. I think he speaks with a perfect Scots accent!

This is Glasgow… we’ll set about ye!


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