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It’s time to do some shopping for the flat!


No, I did clean the floor before – many times. But now I use this hi-tech device.

It works pretty well.

Degree of satisfaction: 4/5






phone A telephone line, rather than this phone. It should be ready on Monday.

To ask for it: several phone calls, each one made of:

– 5 mins to choose my problem with the answering machine
– 35 mins waiting on queue to talk
– 1 min to explain my request
– 25 mis waiting on queue to talk to ANOTHER person
– 1 min to explain my request AGAIN
– 15 mins waiting on queue to talk the THIRD person
– 10 mins to finally have a partial answer.

Hope on Monday it will be working!

Degree of satisfaction: N/A yet



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  1. I thought cleaning the house was much harder than making a phone call. Right now I\’ve just changed my mind. What beautiful people………… Same thing in Italy. Has the degree of satisfaction increased by now?

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