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Here I am in Mykonos.
Just to clarify once for all: yes, it is supposed to be the gay island. Well, yesterday night we had a walk in the city centre (better say "town centre") and everything was normal. Today we went to the beach ("Super Paradise"… what a name), and there you actually realise that here are a lot of gay couples. The point is: when I see a male couple, I simply don’t care that much; when I see a female couple, most of the times the first thought is: what a same!
And no, I’m not gay. I’m here for a conference and it is an amazing place! The landscape is very dry: rocks, stones. There are some trees and flowers near the houses. They are very typical: white-painted with a flat roof. In the town, they are very close each other, with tiny streets for pedestrians, surrounded by shops ad restaurants (mostly Italian, I must say). Out from the town, the houses grow like mushrooms here and there on the island, creating some white spots in the brown background. The sky is very blue, instead, and the sea is very transparent and clean.
We rented a scooter to go to the conference hotel, as the bus service is not that efficient. And while riding it, in the wind, you cannot realise that the Sun is very strong. Indeed, my arms are sun-burned now.
Tomorrow the conference is beginning at 7:30 (in the morning…), I will talk (then I’ll be free!) and I still need to finish the presentation and practice the speech. Don’t forget to have a look to the photo album! See you soon!

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