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Some months ago, I decided to go and try trampolining with Elisa. The people there were nice and friendly, and the activity fun, so after a couple of training sessions, I deceded to join the Glasgow University Trampoline Club.
Trampolining is a sport in which you have to bounce on a canvas (the "bed") connected to a frame with springs, such that you can bounce very high and don’t hurt in case of landing with a part of your body different from your feet. You are also supposed to do some moves while you are bouncing, and at every training session I learn new ones.
It looks very easy, and most of the moves are relatively simple by themselves; but when you try to perform a sequence of moves (a routine), it becomes more difficult: very little error on a move makes the following one trickier.
Last weekend I had my first competition, the Scottish Universities Open in Dundee. We left very early on Saturday morning from Glasgow. The Gym in Dundee was full of students from all around the UK and Ireland. During a competition you have to bounce twice: the first time performing a pre-defined set routine, then another time in which you can choose your own voluntary routine. The judges give marks for both of them. The routines are different for each one of the 4 categories there are.
The competition finished on the late afternoon, then there was a social in a club, with dinner, ceilidh dance and disco. After having slept on the floor of a pub (for the luckiest, on a sofa), on Sunday morning again in the gym, for the fun competition and the syncro. In the former, the club altogether can do a sort of show while bouncing and not, in the latter 2 athlets try to do a routine at the very same time.
It has been a very nice weekend, and by the way, I was 4th in Scotland and 6th in the UK: for being the first competition, I would have been already satisfied not to be the last one!

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