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Quick trip to the Netherlands: three days, but leaving in the afternoon and coming back in the early morning. Thus, just one day, actually. And since the aim of the trip was a one-afternoon meeting with ACT people, I had just one morning to visit the (small) city of Leiden – in which Rembrandt was born.
As soon as you put your feet on Dutch land, you see three kinds of people:
– Those who are riding a bike (most of them);
– Those who are carrying a bike (most of them: you must be indoor, then);
– All the others (myself, Max, and a few more), doing neither of the two, are tourists.
Note that the weather was very very bad: really cold, rainy and windy. But it does not matter, they ride a bike, and even without gloves. I was freezing with my hands in the pockets.
But still I wanted to have a look to this city, so I walked for a while. In a way, it’s similar to Amsterdam, as many water channels flow along the streets. I’m starting to think that all the cities in Holland are like that. There are also some old windmills, and in the middle of the city, a hill with an old fortress (called Burcht). There should have been a great panorama from there, but because of the rain and the strong wind, I could not see very much. Anyway, I liked it!
I put some pictures of Leiden on the space.
Ah, the technical meeting was fine!

Posted December 12, 2006 by mtcerio in Viaggi

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  1. Seh, ma nounch de su e giù con l\’apparech avevam minga un albergu cumè quest… I solit paraculat

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