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Weegie Christmas – Popular wisdom   3 comments

Why wasn’t Jesus born in Glasgow?
Because God couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin.
Happy Christmas!

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Last 5 nights   1 comment

Here are the activities of the last 5 nights:
– Friday: Christmas lunch with the department at 12 (some beers on the meal), then, at 3, pub (Three Judges) with GM until *midnight*.
– Saturday: Snow Patrol concert (very nice) with some beers, and then the Crystal Palace, in the city centre, for more beers, and then chips and cheese.
– Sunday: Scottish dinner – Jambalaya – at Elisa’s, with plenty of beers, and then Uisge Beatha, for more beers.
– Monday: Pub (Ben Nevis) with Pau & friend. Beers and then liquors.
– Tuesday: Dinner in my place with Elisa, with some beers.
– Wednesday (today): hopefully no alcohol, I’ll be at home!

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Holland!   1 comment

Quick trip to the Netherlands: three days, but leaving in the afternoon and coming back in the early morning. Thus, just one day, actually. And since the aim of the trip was a one-afternoon meeting with ACT people, I had just one morning to visit the (small) city of Leiden – in which Rembrandt was born.
As soon as you put your feet on Dutch land, you see three kinds of people:
– Those who are riding a bike (most of them);
– Those who are carrying a bike (most of them: you must be indoor, then);
– All the others (myself, Max, and a few more), doing neither of the two, are tourists.
Note that the weather was very very bad: really cold, rainy and windy. But it does not matter, they ride a bike, and even without gloves. I was freezing with my hands in the pockets.
But still I wanted to have a look to this city, so I walked for a while. In a way, it’s similar to Amsterdam, as many water channels flow along the streets. I’m starting to think that all the cities in Holland are like that. There are also some old windmills, and in the middle of the city, a hill with an old fortress (called Burcht). There should have been a great panorama from there, but because of the rain and the strong wind, I could not see very much. Anyway, I liked it!
I put some pictures of Leiden on the space.
Ah, the technical meeting was fine!

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1-day trip: Ayrshire   Leave a comment

Sunday 26 December 2006
Short trip to Ayr. Cami and I leave without knowing very well where to go. We head south, towards Ayr. The sky is very, very blue, no cloud. On our way, very close to Kilmarnock, there is the Dean Castle. We decide to have a stop, and it is worth. The castle is in the middle of a park, with a beautiful garden. The visit is free, but you have to knock the door. A guy opens and tells us there will be a guided tour in half an hour. So we have a walk in the park and then we come back, a bit late. But the guy is waiting for us, since no one else came for the tour! He explains us how they were living there and shows us some rooms. At the end, he starts to tell us stories about a ghost living in the castle, and about strange things which happened while he was there, also with tourists. He has been quite friendly with us! Despite what he says about it, there should not be so many tourists there.
It’s almost noon, and still no cloud in the sky. We reach Ayr, where we have lunch in a tiny, hidded restaurant in the city centre. Ayr is nice for shopping: there are a lot of people walking, a lot of beautiful shops, and a big "kind of" shopping centre in the open air. The Christmas atmosphere is evident, and the lights on the street are nice, especially on sunset. Still no cloud at all.
Ayr is on the firth of the river Ayr, so we decide to have a short walk along it, and then we reach the seaside, from where we can see the Isle of Arran, and all the coast.
It’s 5 pm, already dark, so we start our way back to Glasgow. Very nice trip, 1 hour from Glasgow by car. I think I’ll come back quite often!
I put some pictures of this trip! Bye!

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