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Same Sunday, after having won the treasure hunt, at about 11pm, I decide to go back to the city centre to bring my car back home. I pefectly remember the street and the park, but as soon as I walk around the corner, I can see only an empty place. I don’t believe my eyes… my car is not there anymore! The first thing I think is that I was not allowed to park there, but I checked twice when I parked. I will have to pay a fine and a lot of money for the tow-truck.
I walk in Argyle, to find a place to ask for the telephone number of the Police. I have the emergency, but I think it’s not the case. It’s almost midnight, and every place is closed. After a while, I find a fast food, about to close. They have no police number (who believes them?).
I find a little column with "Police" text on it. There are some in Glasgow. They have a screen and a keyboard, and it’s possible to find useful information for the security of the citizens. At least, that was what I thought: in fact, when I ask for the police stations, it shows a beautiful map in which I can only realise that the nearest station is quite far. And surprisingly, there are no phone numbers.
I try in another open fast-food, and eventually they give me the number. I phone immediately, explaining that I can not find my car. They ask me the place and the plate, and after a short wait, they tell me that at the moment it does not result that my car has been removed by any authority. But still I should wait for the morning after, in order for them to check better. They tell me to go home and wait for them to call me there. I walk home, it takes to me half a hour.
At home, very sad, I wait for a call on my mobile, but the bell at the door downstars rings. It’s the police. I open the door of my flat, and I can hear some girls laughing and talking. I think that some of my neighbours are arrived together with the police. But I have never seen them… strange.
Instead, I see the three girls, quite young and very nice, are dressed with a bulletproof jacket and a helmet. They tell me thay want to bring me to the exact place in which I left my car. I wear my jacket and I follow them.
After a couple of minutes driving, they stop the car quickly, on the side of the road. They tell me to stay in. As I look on the left, I see a Police van. The three girls run fast towards the van, there is another policeman already there. Then I can see there is also a guy, probably drunk, trying to escape. They altogether catch him and put him into the van.
I was very worried, as someone moved/stolen my car, I was with the Police at late night, but in that moment, I smiled. "We are in Glasgow, no doubt!", I thought.
After some minutes, the girls get on the car again, as I am waiting for them. I ask if everything is ok: they confirm me so, but it is clear, since they are already laughing together. For them, it is nothing different than "ordinary administration".
We start again driving towards the place were my car was supposed to be, but when we pass in front of the Police station, they decide to stop there, telling me that it’s better to get some of my details before.
In a completely empty room, with only one desk, one of the police-girls starts to ask me every detail of my day, including when and where and why I parked there. Then asks my details, and everything about my car. It really sounds to me that my car was stolen.
After about half an hour of interview, another police-girl came into the room. She tells me that my car is safe in a car park. Oh, Jesus! She explains that the council removed my car because they needed space in that street, as that evening there was a firework show in a park near there. Since my licence plate was foreign, the guy wrote the uncorrect number on the report, so they have not found my car before.
Back on the car with the Police-girls, they drive me to that car park, in the middle of which I see my car. After goodbye and thanks to the Police, I eventually drive home by myself.
What a night!

Posted November 20, 2006 by mtcerio in Adventures in Glasgow

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