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On Sunday afternoon, starting from 2:30, Cami and Paola organised a treasure hunt. Actually, I must say that their work started two weeks before. We met at the Central Station, platform 10. All the partecipants, in teams of 3 people, should have brought paper and pen, a torch, a map of the city, and all the proper clothes to walk and run, even under the rain. Fortunately, it was not the case. They gave us the instructions and the first clue. My team was composed by Ana, Pau and myself.
With very clever hints, they sent us to the information centre, then to a bridge on the Clyde, where the clues where hanging from, then to the Merchant City square, then to the Catheral, the Cinema, a fish and chips shop, the Kelvin terraces, to finish the hunt in front of the university.
In the meanwhile, we had to take pictures in some weird situations, to earn more points. Some of the funniest:
– kissing an old lady;
– with a scottish girl, properly dressed;
– with a taxi driver singing;
– in an Irish pub, dressed like dring St. Patrick’s day.
Of course, my team was able to take all the pictures we need. Indeed, we won the game, finding the treasure 1 hour before the others! 😛
Congratulations Paola and Cami! We all had fun! Very nice idea and organisation!
The podium was at the Primary, at 10pm, and our prize was a woderful bottle of 12 year old whisky!
But my evening was just started…
PS: Have a look to the photo gallery!

Posted November 11, 2006 by mtcerio in Adventures in Glasgow

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