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During the last weekend, Sabry and Alba have been here. Not only "here" in Glasgow, but "here" in my flat! It has been funny! They arrived on Friday evening, and we went for a burger as soon as possible, then pub in Ashton Lane.
On Saturday we had a very busy day. We went to Edinburgh, and while they visited the castle, since I have already been twice, I decided to take the tour of the Mary King’s close. The "close" in Edinburgh is a very narrow street in the Old City, around the Royal Mile, surrounded by tall buildings. There are many of them. One of those, titled to Mary King, has been used as a foundation of a new building, the City Chambers, in 1753. The close remained beneath the building for a long time, as it was used by very poor people centuries ago. In a guided tour of 1 hour, a woman dressed like Mary King is bringing you into the secrets of that mysterious place, telling some stories about the life of that time, and showing how the people used to live there. I really enjoyed it.
After the trip, a proper dinner in a fine Scottish restaurant was mandatory, as well as a pint at the Waxy O’Connors.
The morning after we visited the Pollok house, and then walk in the city centre, to help them buy some souvenirs. They had to leave Glasgow in the early afternoon, and I had to join my team at the Central Station for the first Glasgow treasure hunt!

Posted November 11, 2006 by mtcerio in Adventures in Glasgow

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