I have my car!   1 comment

Finally, I have got a car here in Glasgow. Thanks to my parents, who wanted to take a trip across the Europe (?), I can drive to the cinema when it’s raining, or around Scotland when it’s sunny. It may mean never… Ok, I’ll drive around Scotland even if it’s not completely sunny.
Someone told me that a car in Glasgow is useless, since everything you need is very close, and you can walk. It might be true, but having a car is very, very, very, VERY comfortable.
Someone else told me that it was hard to drive with the steering weel on the wrong side of the car… nothing true… it’s even better because I have the gear shift on my right hand.
So, thank you mum and dad!

Posted November 6, 2006 by mtcerio in Adventures in Glasgow

One response to “I have my car!

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  1. now you would need a good navigator, but you cannot have at all everything.

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