Back in Glasgow   5 comments

Clear sky, no cloud at all, sunny, quite warm, 20°C: I’m back in Glasgow, and this beautiful weather is a nice surprise!
I found:
– The same weird Scottish accent, which makes me laugh every time I come into Glasgow and I am not used to it. I still do not understand it, and I am not improving.
– The same pair of shoes hanging from the electrical wire (see the picture). It was there before I left. I thought it was a very-glaswegian habit, until I saw the same thing in California, and someone told me that they used to do it when they are about to change home or city.
– The same flat, but now, alone. My flatmate has finished her work here (bye bye Paola!), and I need a new mate now. I’m looking for him/her!
– The same sunny weather there was when I left.
– There is something new: a new club! Glasgow is always full of surprises for those who live the night! It is this one. And is very close to my place!
I decided to post in English… for sure, with my English, this is not a problem for my Italian readers 😛

Posted September 9, 2006 by mtcerio in Adventures in Glasgow

5 responses to “Back in Glasgow

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  1. primo !

  2. vabbè Matteo …you\’ll learn soon to write well in English language 🙂

  3. Thx Noe… In the next three years, I hope I will!

  4. english AND italiano.. no end! this one at least is a little easier to understand, probably only to me. 🙂  Very nice photos, btw, I love them.

  5. Wow, this place looks and sounds good! I like that kind of nature atmosphere! I will think about it, when I hang around in the Buchanan Galleries! Glasgow and Snow Patrol rock!!!

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